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December 14, 2012

Stephen Jones says Bryant may always lack flexibility in finger, but can still be successful on field

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones said the team would not do anything to compromise Dez Bryant’s career, although his broken finger may never be the same.

“It’ll be a challenge with the flexibility of the finger, probably, for the rest of his life,” Jones said Friday morning on 105.3 FM “The Fan.” “I think he’ll still be able to use it and use it in a way that he’ll be successful on the field and use it every day, as well.”

The Cowboys are keeping a close eye on the finger in practice this week, hoping to get Bryant closer to playing with some kind of protection on it.

“He’s been very engaged with the game plan and in the meetings, been involved in the walkthroughs,” coach Jason Garrett said at his press conference at Valley Ranch. “He did take a couple snaps in the walkthroughs yesterday. we’ll probably do something similar today. You always want progress to be made throughout the week, so hopefully we can make some progress here in the next couple of days.”

Garrett said the Cowboys would not have pushed for surgery on the finger this week, but that it is still possible next week if things don't go well in the game.

Jones said the Cowboys see a bright future for Bryant.

“We sure wouldn’t do anything if we felt like it was going to compromise his long-term career,” Jones said. “Dez has got a bright career in front of him. He’s obviously, I think, growing from a maturity point right before everybody’s eyes. He’s playing. He’s understanding the game better. Playing well on the field.

“At the end of the day, we wouldn’t do anything that would compromise his health for the future.”

Garrett said Bryant looked good in practice on Thursday.

“We still have a lot of different things we have to get over before we get him ready to play in this ballgame, but his mindset is to play in the game,” Garrett said. “We’re excited about that.”

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Look Dez will be fine. I suffered a fractured wrist and it stuck up in the air until it was rectified with plaster and a cast. Stayed on until the fractured area starts to itch & heal a process that takes about 6 weeks. But a wrist is unlike a finger. The finger will hurt BUT you can still move your hand and still use the other fingers. Not so if you crack the wrist. Moreover I still years later cannot fully use my wrist but it has never impeded me in sports or study i.e writing. Thus Dez will be fine... he will recover from a simple fractured finger!!!

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