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January 09, 2013

A still bitter Jones forecasted decision to fire Rob Ryan with criticism of play with healthy team

Owner Jerry Jones gave an indication of things to come during the taping of a Cowboys Special Edition Show on Monday with some seemingly critical comments of fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

The show will air Saturday at 10:30 pm on CBS 11 KTVT-TV in Dallas. And Jones’ attitude showed that his bitter disappointment in finishing 8-8 and missing out on the playoffs for a third straight season has yet to subside.

"Nobody, living, hates sitting around watching somebody else play in these playoff games more than me,” Jones said.  “Now that's no consolation, but the facts are, I can do something about it. There are things I can do about it. Some of the very things I am criticized for is the fact that I am in a position to directly do something about it."

Jones has done something about it the firings of Ryan and running backs coach Skip Peete this week.

And when asked how he was going to evaluate personnel moves, considering the litany of injuries, Jones forecasted the eventual firing of Ryan a day later on Tuesday when he pointed out problems in losses to Seattle and Chicago early in the season when the Cowboys were seemingly at full strength.

The Cowboys lost 27-7 to Seattle and 34-18 to the Bears in a game in which quarterback Tony Romo threw five interceptions.

It must be noted that Jones wasn’t asked about Ryan. But no unit was impact more by injuries than the defense, which ended the season without six starters and hobbled linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

"I didn't like the way we were playing in a lot of cases," Jones said in the taped interview. "I thought we could play better before the injuries, and so I factored that in. It wasn't like we had a lot of injuries out here when we played Chicago. It wasn't like we had a lot of injuries when we played Seattle. I didn't like the way we played there. It's not hard for me to go to those games and say what can we do to improve when we played Seattle and when we played Chicago, and I liked the way we played in subsequent games and I know we didn't have the talent level on the field that we had when we played Seattle and Chicago."

Jones seemed to be particularly stung by the losses to Seattle and Chicago as he continued to point out that the Cowboys didn’t fair well even when healthy in those games.

"It's not hard for me to go back there and say, 'OK, we had all of our players out there we had our talent level there,' "Jones said. "That's what we've been saying we didn't have. Now let's evaluate that. When we had all of our talent level, we've got to be able to beat Chicago at home and we've got to be able to go to Seattle and win that game there.

"We know they're formidable. We know Seattle had a good football team and I don't think we underestimated Seattle at all when we played them. But you're going to have to get to where we want to go and you have to go into Seattle and win games in Seattle."


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@ Soccom83: The OC /Asst. HC Callahan should NEVER have been hired in the first place. He is a cancer and has ruined every team he has ever been associated with. But our bonehead GM Jerry still has his IV hooked up to his koolaide bag and is too doped up to see what an mess he has made of this team. He is the perfect buffoon to follow in Al Davis' steps.

seriously....jerry is as much a gm as i am.....

are you kidding me? romo thru 2 pick 6's in the chicago game and several int.'s in the seattle game....give me a break..............

As usual, when Jerry opens his mouth, his comments show what a bonehead he really is when it comes to professional football. Why Seattle and Chicago games to blame the defense? Special teams gaffs early in the Seattle game cost that one - not the defense and as mentioned, Romo throws FIVE pics at Chicago, 2 of those pick 6! And the defense is somehow responsible for those??? Jerry the GM - General Moron.

Watching does games, shouldn't the offensive coordinator be fired? putting up 7 points against seattle, keeping the D on the field, and turning it over 5 times in the chicago game?? trying to see the logic. Allowing 20 points (1 turnover on fumble i think in the Seattle game) is pretty ok on the road? And if the offense hadn't given the dang ball away 5 times in the bears game, who knows how it ends?

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