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January 08, 2013

Carr says coaches, players '50-50' in accountability as news of Ryan firing surprises other players on Twitter

Cornerback Brandon Carr said he was caught off guard by the firing of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, but that the players and coaches are both accountable.

“I’m not into pointing fingers,” Carr said Tuesday night in an in-studio interview with WFAA Channel 8. “I go out there and try to do the job to my best ability. I believe our coaching staff put us in positions to make plays. Some of that lies on us being accountable for our own actions and not getting the job done on Sundays. Of course, some of that goes back on coaches. It’s a 50-50 split.

“That decision was made from higher up. As a player, you have to roll with the punches.”

The news surprised other Cowboys players.

Defensive end Jason Hatcher posted to his Twitter account, “It was a privilege to play under Coach Rob Ryan! One of the greatest. Sad day. I'm hurting right now.”

Cornerback Sterling Moore posted after the news broke, “Not Happy Right Now!”

Linebacker Bruce Carter posted a three-letter acronym.

In the WFAA interview, Carr acknowledged the role injuries played in the Cowboys’ season.

“It played a big part in our season, but our philosophy was next man up,” Carr said. “Coach Ryan emphasized it and hung his hat on the ability that his game plan could put pretty much anybody into the game. Through all the injuries, adversity, tragedy, everything we went through, the last game that we played, we still have a chance to make it to the postseason and win our division. We made do with the pieces that we had.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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John Q....I'm sure you meant...Wade Phillips. We get your point though.

No coach will ever be successful as long as Jerry is running the show with the Cowboys. Case in point: Fired Wade Wilson as HC and DC. Wilson hired by the Texans and he turns the Texans into a top 5 defense in the same year. Now we got that loser Callahan as our OL coach and assistant OC. Our O-line play sucked, just like every team Callahan has had anything to do with. Jerry has this namby pamby Garrett as HC now and we can all see plainly that he is a puppet. My guess is he has to raise his hand to get permission to go to the bathroom from Jerry, same as any first grader. I feel sorry for the next DC brought in to replace Ryan because he will only be allowed to fail, not succeed in his duties. Jerry will see to that with second rate players and poor draft picks.

Sterling Moore needs to pipe down. He's lucky he is in the league.

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