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January 28, 2013

Cowboys' Garrett hits No. 1 on inaugural list of Coaches Hot Seat rankings, NFL edition

The folks at CoachesHotSeat.com, who have been ranking the most embattled college football coaches on a daily basis for years, have branched out to the NFL. And their inaugural list of most embattled NFL coaches, released today, has Dallas Cowboys' coach Jason Garrett at the top of the list.

For fans who have watched owner Jerry Jones follow through on his vow to make things "uncomfortable" at Valley Ranch in efforts to spur improvement from a team that has finished 8-8 under Garrett the past two seasons, this probably comes as no surprise. Garrett has seen Jones initiate multiple staff changes since the season ended with a loss in Washington that clinched a third consecutive season without a playoff berth.

But the rankings make it offical.  Also on the list: Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen, a former Texas A&M and L.D. Bell player, at No. 5. The top seven on the list, in order:

1. Jason Garrett, Dallas

2. Rex Ryan, NY Jets

3. Jim Schwartz, Detroit

4. Ron Rivera, Carolina

5. Dennis Allen, Oakland

6. Mike Munchak, Tennessee,

7. Joe Philbin, Miami

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Garrett should have been #1 on that list...five years ago.

Garrett's not on the hot seat. He's all but officially fired. Jethro has seen to it that Garrett is nothing more than a figurehead now with no authority. Not that Garrett ever had any to begin with but now it's all out in the public view plain as day. Wise up Garrett, do yourself a favor and resign so you can get a real job delivering newspapers.

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