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January 22, 2013

Garrett says he'd be comfortable with Callahan as play-caller, Jones says Callahan's influence would 'be a plus'

So who will the Cowboys’ play-caller be in 2013? The betting-line favorite right now is offensive line coach Bill Callahan.

Head coach Jason Garrett said Tuesday at the Senior Bowl that he would be comfortable with Callahan handling those duties, and owner Jerry Jones said Callahan’s background would have a positive effect.

“If Bill Callahan has more influence – which let’s make that assumption for this answer – if he does, then you will see more of the things that have worked for him in his coaching career,” Jones said. “You expect that. That’ll be a plus for us.”

Jones said the experience of the staff allows the Cowboys to make a move away from Garrett as the play-caller.

“We’ve got, and are getting, coaches that will allow us in all phases of the game to have Jason’s skill and benefit, if we go in that direction, to be more focused on every aspect of the team,” Jones said.

Jones said that will allow Garrett to be a more effective game manager.

“In the case of being involved in the game, he’ll be able to make the decisions that he’s been making, that he’ll be able to do it with more focus on the overall game and the circumstances within the game,” Jones said. “The advantages of a walk-around head coach, one who doesn’t specifically spend every day making game plans and doing that, the advantages are that they can spend more time looking at the overall picture, not only on game day, but as we look throughout a week on a game week or as we look throughout a season.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Jerry is so full of manure it hurts to listen to him. Callahan is a CANCER. He has ruined every team he has been a part of. And now ol' Glory Hole Jones wants him to call the plays???? Puleeze......

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