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January 22, 2013

Jerry Jones says Cowboys drafted Crawford last year knowing he could also play in a 4-3

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the Cowboys have known for “some time” that they have had the personnel to switch to a 4-3 defense. In fact, they drafted defensive end Tyrone Crawford last year with an eye to that possibility.

“We knew he could be an outstanding 4-3 lineman, not just an end on the 3-4,” Jones said Tuesday at the Senior Bowl. “I look who we drafted in the last several years, and we don’t have anyone that doesn’t fit in both schemes.”

Jones said linebacker Kyle Wilber is another example. Wilber, also drafted last year, can go from an outside 3-4 linebacker to a strong-side 4-3 linebacker, Jones said.

“We've always tried, when we can, to keep our options open,” Jones said. “Again, I go back to the fact that we in effect have played a 4-3. I know in training camp last year, I was asking some of the coaches, ‘OK, let's identify what we are, and they just wouldn't go there.’ They say we are a combination of 4-3 and 3-4.

“We won’t have trouble. It’s not going to be easy. But it wasn’t going to be where we wanted to be in the 3-4, either. So I think we can effectively do it.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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