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January 23, 2013

Jones says Garrett has put down 'tremendous' foundation, despite what offseason changes may appear to say

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Jason Garrett has put down a “tremendous” foundation, and none of the changes the team has made in the offseason should say differently.

“Although it might appear differently, we’re building off of all the plusses of that foundation,” Jones said this week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. “The direction that we’re going might be misinterpreted with the changes we’re making in different areas, that we’re throwing out everything we’ve done over the last few years. That’s not the case.

“We’re actually building on it. It’s a coordinated effort. Obviously every decision we’ve made, for instance over on the defensive side of the ball, Jason Garrett is not just a part of it, but he’s a focal point of making that decision, and we obviously are concurring every step of the way.”

So far in the offseason, the Cowboys have replaced their defensive coordinator, dismissed their running backs and defensive line coach, lost their tight end coach to another job and are weighing the return of their kicking coach and receivers coach.

On top of that, Jones and Garrett are considering turning over Garrett’s play-calling duties to someone else, likely offensive line coach Bill Callahan.

Asked if it means the Cowboys and Garrett must take on a win-now mentality, Jones said, “Oh, I don’t think we’ve had a season where we didn’t think about Opening Day and immediately having the positiveness for now. Nothing we’re doing is about a two-year, three-year, four-year game plan. This is about building on what we’ve done over the last few years, building on the players we’ve drafted, getting some more players in here, draft, free agency and then taking what we’re doing and then moving right into success.

“That is what this is all about.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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