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February 14, 2013

Rich Bisaccia is "embarrassed" his Auburn stint was so short, but he is excited to be in Dallas

Rich Bisaccia is happy to be in Dallas, reunited with Monte Kiffin, Rod Marinelli and Jason Garrett, but he is "embarrassed" that his previous job lasted only 22 days.

Bisaccia had accepted a job at Auburn and had begun work as the Tigers' assistant head coach with special teams and running backs duties when Garrett convinced him to return to the NFL.

"This is probably the most exciting time of my life in professional football, to be a part of Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys organization," Bisaccia said. "A little embarrassed about how it happened, about having to go through Auburn and only spending 22 days there. That’s not really my style. I’ve actually been really proud of some of the long stays I’ve had at particular places but for it to work out like this and have an opportunity like this I feel blessed in one way and certainly fortunate."

Bisaccia had spent the past two seasons in San Diego. Before that, he spent nine seasons in Tampa Bay. That's where he met Garrett in 2004 when Garrett was a backup quarterback. Garrett was "persistent" in pursuing Bisaccia to replace Joe DeCamillis as the Cowboys' special teams coach.

Marinelli called Bisaccia a "live wire."

"Just good high-energy coach. Positive. Optimistic. Players with gravitate toward him," Marinelli said. "...I think you’re going to really enjoy him. He’s a live wire. You’ve just got to make sure you unplug him every once in a while."

-- Charean Williams





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Well Rich you should be embarassed, if not just plain out ashamed of yourself. You commented about how gald youwere to be at Auburn and then you bolted. We don't have much respect for you especially after you offered to wait until after National Signing Day. That told us more about you than your short commitment to Auburn. You were willing to islead 17 and 18 year old kids by giving them the impression you would be their coach. Lots of character there Jay.

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