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March 29, 2013

Agent: It was important to Romo that he finish his career in Dallas

Tony Romo was insistent on only one thing in negotiations: Romo made it clear to his agent that he intended to finish his career in Dallas.

Mission accomplished.

Romo, who turns 33 next month, should finish his career in Dallas after signing a six-year, $108 million extension. When the contract is scheduled to end following the 2019 season, Romo will be four months from turning 40.

"He's always considered himself a Cowboy for life," said R.J. Gonser, Romo's agent, said Friday afternoon. "He's able to do what a lot of players aren't, and that's finish his career in one spot. He's got that star on his helmet. That's awfully special."

Only six players in NFL history have had contracts worth more than $108 million. Add in 2013, and Romo's deal is a seven-year, $119.5 million deal. He is guaranteed $55 million, tying for the second-most in NFL history behind only Tom Brady.

Romo, who received a $25 million signing bonus, will make $57 million in the first three years of the deal.

"This deal was never in doubt," Gonser said. "Quite frankly, if it was about leverage and getting more money, we would have waited until we got closer to the season. Tony was not interested in playing this thing out to get a couple more bucks. ...This has never been a concern of his. He's probably as focused as any client I've ever been around. Obviously, money is a part of this business. But he just wants to play ball."

Talks on a new deal began a year ago, but Romo put them on hold once the season began. Gosner said talks were a "slow burn" the last couple of weeks before heating up even more the past few days.

"The organization made it clear to us the past couple of years that Tony was their long-term franchise quarterback, and Tony made it clear to us that he would never play for another organization and that he wanted to finish his career as a Dallas Cowboy," Gonser said. "Once you have that, you figure it out. Obviously, every negotiation takes its own path, and you have to go through the process. But never was there any doubt in our mind, Tony's mind, and I'm guessing the Cowboys' minds that we could get this done."

Romo's cap figure for 2013 has been reduced by $5 million to $11.8 million, freeing the Cowboys to jump back into the free-agent market if they so choose.

-- Charean Williams/Clarence Hill





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