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March 12, 2013

As free agency opens today, note that the Cowboys are not a team without needs, just one without money

The Cowboys did what vice-president Stephen Jones promised. They got under the cap _ albeit barely.

The Cowboys have roughly $175,000 in room under the 2013 salary cap of $123 million. That is enough to pay the salary of Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway let alone an NFL football player.

So keep that in mind when free agency opens today at 3 p.m. and the Cowboys are, as Jones predicted a couple of weeks ago, quiet as a church mouse.

Jones said wasn't going to make any big splashes in free agency because of their salary cap limitations. He said the team's best hopes for improving from last season was via the off-season coaching changes and getting healthy again.

But let's not confuse a lack of action for a lack of needs.

The Cowboys could use help at strongside linebacker, safety, offensive guard, defensive tackle and running back.

Many of these will be addressed in the draft _ though ideally a team would like to address needs in free agency so they can go into the draft focused on the best available player.

But the Cowboys don't have any money to go on a real shopping spree.

So look for them to shop for bargains once the big-ticket items in free agency are gone. 


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You can only build in the draft, IF you can draft.

Players on roster from Draft year
1 2003
0 2004
2 2005
1 2006
2 2007
1 2008
0 2009
2 2010

It is absolutely impossible to build a winning team or attitude when the front office and coaching staff is so pathetic at evaulating talent and player development.

If the NFL is was really serious about it's product they would suspend the Cowboys (and other teams) from free agency until they could show some semblence of being a professional sports team.

How do they intend on signing the players that they draft to contracts with no money left? Especially if they are going to wait till mid season to extend Romos contract. All the while many quality free agent players that would help out the team for less money are being signed by other teams who are willing to trade their veteran players for draft picks and create cap space.
Why doesn't Jerry trade Spencer, and Demarcus for draft picks, and use the cap space to sign some free agents? Both players are worth 1st round picks to many AFC teams.

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