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March 19, 2013

Jerry Jones says a deal for Tony Romo is near and he will not be paid be a bus driver

Concerned about a contract extension for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo?

Don't be.

Cowboys Jerry Jones is nonplussed about it.

Of course, he admittedly has inside information.

Sitting in a meeting room at the luxurious Biltmore Hotel, built in 1929 with the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright as a consulting architect, Jones not only intimated a deal with Romo is coming soon but that he will get a contract worthy of the millionaire guests occupying the hotel this week for the NFL owners meeting.

"Probably what concerns them about a timetable is the fact that they don't know that it won't be weeks out," Jones said of Cowboys fans being nervous of Romo deal getting done. "They don't know that. I have a better feel for it than that. We are involved in negotiations. It's just not the thing to do for him or me to say we ought to have something done by midnight or tomorrow unless it’s that imminent. You can’t get that answered because you don't have it all ready to sign. But I'm not concerned that we are looking at a drawn out thing here. I'm not concerned that is going to in any way hamper any decision we want to make personnel wise over the next few weeks."

Jones reflected on his statement following the 35-minute interview with local reporters and surmised that he indicated a Romo deal was close, he added that "I'm okay with (saying) that."

Romo is in the final year of his contract and has a $16.8 million cap figure for 2013. The Cowboys have just $102,000 in cap room under the 2013 salary cap of $123 million.

They need to sign Romo to a long-term contract extension to reduce his cap hit so they can sign other players in free agency as well as sign their upcoming draft class.

The six-year, $120.6 million contract Joe Flacco recently signed with the Baltimore Ravens is considered a guide for Romo's impending deal.

Jones wouldn't get into the money. But he said Romo is expected to big part of the Cowboys offense going forward and his contract will reflect that.

"Romo, of course, is someone that I expect our staff, our offensive staff, to deploy Romo according to his pay scale," Jones said. "Stay tuned, but he’s going to have high expectations, I promise you that. He is not going to be paid to be a bus driver."

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I totally understand this has to be done to free up money for other needs.

My problem is that they are talking about this guy like he is Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw and Peyton Manning.

Tony Romo has the same amount of playoff wins for Dallas as Steve Beurlein. When will enough be enough?
How many times do we need to see Romo gag and choke when it's "keep winning or the off-season starts"??

He has not had nearly the success that Danny White had. Yet Romo apologists just keep on keeping on. I cannot wait for the day this guy is GONE. I will take my chances on either getting: A) another string of years with Quincy Carter and Hutchison OR B) Finding a QB that can actually function when the season is on the line.

Jerry is an idiot. What more can he or anyone else expect from Romo after all these years seeing the same season ending results from Garrett AND Romo? Romo set a Cowboys single season record in passing yards and what looked like..ten thousand yards last season..lol. Don't think he was a..bus driver..throwing for all those yards. He is what he is. Can't get anything else from the guy. Sign him to an extention..and trade him Jerry.

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