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March 20, 2013

No decision yet on playcalling but Garrett seems to be leaning towards becoming walk around coach

For the record, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said nothing has changed regarding his decision on who will call plays in 2013.
He is still going through the process and no final decision has been made about turning play-calling duties over to offensive offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan.
But the more Garrett talked about the subject and the responsibilities  of being a full-time head coach and a full-time playcaller you got the feeling that he will not have both jobs in 2013. 
Garrett said he has consulted with other coaches on the subject and seems to believe that being a walk around head coach and giving up play calling duties is "the better way of doing things."
"Again the stuff we talked about a number of times before the job of a head coach is a significant one with a lot of responsibilities," Garrett said. "The job of an offensive coordinator play caller is a significant one with a lot of responsibilities. And I understand it because I have been doing it for the last two and half years. There is a reason that 28 of the 32 head coaches don’t do it. But there are some compelling examples as to why you do do it. It's been something that has been relatively successful for us. It has been successful for some other teams in this league. There are good arguments on both sides of it. But again they are two very significant jobs with a lot of responsibility  and the more you delegate and give other guys responsibilities and still get the result you want I think that’s a better way to do things." 
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