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March 19, 2013

Unlike Stephen Jones, owner Jerry Jones said there is uncertainty at safety with Matt Johnson

A day after vice president Stephen Jones said the Cowboys possibly had their two starting safeties already on the roster in Barry Church and Matt Johnson, owner Jerry Jones offered to differ.

 The elder Jones said he felt good about Church but was uncertain about Johnson, the 2012 fourth-round pick who barely practiced and never got in the field as a rookie because of injuries.

 He said the Cowboys could add a safety in the draft and/or free agency but they didn’t necessarily need a seasoned veteran. They need someone with range who can run.

 “I like Church, don’t know about Johnson,” Jones said. “But I am with Church, and I think that we’ll be able to, these guys, the defense has some simplistic aspects to it that we haven’t had, and we need range and guys that can run, and I think we can get that… that doesn’t necessarily fit your experienced veteran that knows what to do but a little long in the tooth. That doesn’t fit that. What fits it is guys that can just really have range and run, and they feel like they can simplify it to the point they can play those guys. Johnson would be one, but we don’t know about him, but he’s certainly a good place to start for not knowing.”

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