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March 20, 2013

While Jerry Jones wants more Romo, Garrett wants to give him help with a better running game and line

Jerry Jones says the Cowboys need to find a way to better utilize quarterback Tony Romo and his unique skills.

However, coach Jason Garrett said using Romo to the best of his ability has always been his focus on offense. Garrett said the thing the Cowboys most focus on in the offseason giving Romo help and taking some of the burden off of him.

To that end, Garrett said the Cowboys biggest needs are to be “a better running football and team and being stronger on the offensive line.” He hopes the team can address those issues in the draft and free agency. 

“Now the burden on the quarterback in the NFL in 32 cities is significant,” Garrett said. “That comes with the dinner. Now having said that the better you are around him, the more effective he is going to be _ a better running game, multiple targets to throw the football to. All of those things would certainly help the quarterback and alleviate some of the burden.” 

Clarence Hill 


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The power struggle continues between idiot Jerry and no coaching Garrett on what to do with Romo and this Cowboys offense. While Romo continues to be...well..Romo.

Of course the most effective quarterbacks are those that run balanced attacks behind good pass blocking and run blocking offensive lines. Troy Aikman looked best when he had the option of handing off to Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach when he had Tony Dorsett (or Calvin Hill and Duane Thomas) and Don Meredith when he could hand off to Don Perkins. DeMarco Murray can probably be that back (when healthy), but the OL has a long way to go.

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