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April 26, 2013

Cowboys, 49ers had trade set up before draft, as is standard, but who callled who?

Cowboys executive vice president Jerry Jones said the team had a trade ready to go with the 49ers before the draft, as is standard operating procedure, in case the board dried up before the 18th pick.

Which is what happened.

The Cowboys swapped first-round picks with the 49ers, getting the 31st and using it to take Wisconsin center Travis Frederick and gaining a third-round pick in the exchange.

But who called who?

“We had visits, as we have done in the past, well before the draft,” Jones said Thursday night. “We had a handful of guys that we felt like would be real valuable at 18, and knowing that there was a pretty decent chance you wake up and they not be there when 18 came around. We had done some homework, just as we had with St. Louis last year and other teams in the past.”

So, you called them?

“I can’t recall, to tell you the truth, in terms of how it worked,” Jones said.

The Cowboys might not want to remember. They "lost" the trade by 80 points in terms of the generally accepted draft chart, which assigns point values to every pick in the draft. But Jones said there are "a whole lot" of charts, and that the Cowboys update theirs.

"I would say that one the ones that we have, for the most part, we either won or hit right on it," he said.

-- Carlos Mendez

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