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April 27, 2013

Cowboys' fourth-round pick B.W. Webb will use all 184 pounds, and don't you forget it

William & Mary cornerback B.W. Webb, the Cowboys’ fourth-round pick, is going to use everything he has to make an impression in the NFL.

Asked in a conference call Saturday about being able to play run support at his listed 183 pounds, he said, “One-eighty-four. Can’t forget the one pound.”

OK, then, at 184.

“I’m coming up,” he said. “I’m throwing my body with this 184-pound frame wherever it needs to go. No matter who is carrying the all, I’m coming down, making those tackles.”

It’s the kind of attitude that may have attracted the Cowboys.

Webb said he has made an effort to stand out during his college career. He said William & Mary was the only school that offered him, so he took it.

“It was very competitive,” he said. “It’s one of the best conferences in 1-AA ball.  There are a lot of great athletes that come out of that division. There are definitely some ball players down here, so you can’t really overlook the CAA.”

Webb made a big impression in his first game. He got three interceptions against Virginia, had eight that freshman year and finished with 11 in his career.

“I worked very hard through camp that year, and I don’t know – I was actually really nervous before the game,” he said. “I had the jitters. I was never used to seeing that many people, so it ended up fine.”

After his hot start, Webb collected only three interceptions over his last three years. But he figures teams stayed away from him.

“I guess they didn’t really want those problems,” he said.

-- Carlos Mendez

Twitter @calexmendez


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