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April 22, 2013

Garrett says draft is one way to help Cowboys' running game, but drafting for need makes you worse

Head coach Jason Garrett says the Cowboys need to improve the running game – second-worst in the NFL last year – and that the draft is one way to do that.

“Running the football is something we have to do better, there is no question about that, so we will try to do that a lot of different ways – how we coach the run game, how our players execute the run game,” Garrett said Monday at Valley Ranch. “Certainly adding players is a big part of that.”

But Garrett said there is no need to focus on one area.

“You really try to be as disciplined as you can ... because I think, by nature, if you draft too much for need, I think your team by definition gets worse,” he said.

“You certainly have team needs; every team in the league has needs that they think are more pressing than others throughout their roster. But what we try to do is try to be as pure as we can be come draft day and try to pick the best players.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Is this blog not taking comments? I posted one awhile ago and it didn't post.

I have never understood that philosophy of drafting the best player over drafting for need. If you really follow it, then look at your draft if the best players available at your pick in the top three rounds are a QB, WR and CB. So you draft these players. Now you are doomed this year because you needed interior OL, defensive line and a safety. And you ignored those needs to get the best player. To me that is just stupid. I would always draft for need. How many years have the Cowboys not drafted a safety early?

Mac Engel writes...Garrett's future as head coach may rest on the play of the Cowboys veterans. He says they have to play better. He puts Romo as the least of our problmes even though he did say Romo has to not have so many of those...'No Romo no..!'...moments. For the Cowboys veterans to play better. It starts and ends with Romo. And Engel and every other local media type up there knows this.

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