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April 28, 2013

Jerry Jones says to rely totally on DeMarco Murray gives him visions of 8-8

Owner Jerry Jones doesn't want to rely on DeMarco Murray to run the ball 100 percent of the time. It makes the Cowboys too dependent, he figures.

“To totally count on that would give you visions of 8-8, because the last two years, we’ve had games that we didn’t have Murray, and we didn’t run the ball as well,” Jones said. "We didn’t have as good an offense within it. So if we have somebody that could possibly step up there and give you the respite that you need when you don’t have Murray, that’s a big deal for us."

Murray has led the Cowboys in rushing since they drafted him two years ago out of Oklahoma, but he has missed nine games.

The Cowboys drafted a running back in the fifth round Saturday, Joseph Randle of Oklahoma State, as insurance for Murray injury.

Jones said he would consider Randle a starter.

“We really could envision him coming in and having that many plays a game,” Jones said. “One of the advantages, one of the reasons, we wanted him was because he really mirrors a lot of what Murray is, relative to a complete three-down back.”

Head coach Jason Garrett said because Murray and Randle are similar, the Cowboys see Lance Dunbar their change-of-pace back.

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N what does that say to Demarco When ur owner can't count on you to be the workhorse and publicizes it?

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