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April 26, 2013

Jerry Jones told coaches "don't come in here with same old same old", demanded they change "O" for Escobar

Even though the Cowboys had a Pro Bowl tight end in Jason Witten, they still drafted San Diego State tight end Gavin Escobar in the second round.

Stop me if you have heard this before.

The Cowboys took Anthony Fasano in the second round in 2006 with Witten on the roster. That didn't work out and he was eventually shipped to the Dolphins where he thrived. They took Martellus Bennett in the second round in 2008. That didn't work either and he left before last season as a free agent.

So when Escobar was on the board in the second round Friday and the talked turned to taking him with the blank overall pick, Jones demanded that his coaches agree that they will change the offense to feature both Witten and Escobar.

"You saw him coming," Jones recalled is conversations in the Cowboys war room. "No are we all resolved to doing it different relative to injecting that influence in this offense? Don't come in here with same old same old."

Jones continued: "I took a roll call and said if we got this route with the tight end we are going to shake it up around here relative to what we are doing. It's going to be different. I joked we are going to pass the paper around and we are all going to sign it. We are going to be different."

Jones partially blamed Bennett for some for some of the failures during his time in Dallas. He said the coaches really tried to make it work and tried to change the offense for him _ all to no avail.

"Some of the things that we tried to do with Martellus but we just couldn’t get it done, we couldn’t get it working," Jones siad. "We had packages we worked on for weeks out here just to get packages in, and he didn’t show. That sounds negative toward him, but he didn’t show. Having said that, we welcome the opportunity to add a tight end, a New England-type emphasis player, and can this quarterback have both of him? He sure can."

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