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May 10, 2013

Jones: Tony Romo's new Peyton Manning-like involvement part of his natural evolution as QB

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said his comments about quarterback Tony Romo being more involved in the offense and personnel decisions and spending Peyton Manning-type time at the team’s Valley Ranch headquarters was more about his natural evolution as an important figure with organization than a suggestion that he wasn’t already doing enough.

Jones said Romo wasn’t ready or qualified to do that even three years ago but is more than capable of handling that responsibility now.

“I want to use everything that he’s got in his computer,” Jones said. “The way to do that is have him involved in a lot of the design and the preparation as we not only prepare the team in general but as we paper for the opponents. He’s qualified to do that.”

And while the foundation of Romo’s new role was born out of the talks between the two sides leading up to the six-year, $108 million contract extension last month, it was a mutually agreed upon decision involving Jones, Romo and coach Jason Garret.

“How can we take who you are, the great experience at your age, how can we take this experience and maximize it to win football games?” Jones said.  “What can we do to make that an asset? He has an excellent understanding, an excellent grasp of offensive concepts, an excellent grasp of what he and Jason have been involved in the last seven years. I’ve been told by many people who’ve worked closer with him than I do that they’ve never heard him have a bad idea, but as we all know you don’t just walk in and have a few good ideas and that be part of the game plan. You’ve got to have prepared, looked at a lot of film, watch your opponents and do that a lot. That takes more time to do and he’s going to be doing that. Certainly he wanted that to be a part of everybody’s understanding and I wanted it to be a part of his and everybody’s understanding. And Jason (Garrett) did, too.” 

-- Clarence Hill



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Clarence...just once I'd like to see you or any one of your local media type buddies tell that idiot Jerry to just..shut up!! His continued blabbering is just pathetic. He has ruined this organization and team with his belief in Garrett and Romo. The main two knuckleheads who are holding this team back. And I know you local media types up there knows this as well.

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