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May 02, 2013

Just CHILL: Despite first-round issues, Cowboys feel they had great draft in terms of picks and value

Clarence Hill

Say what you will about how the Cowboys handled the first round of the NFL Draft -- and plenty people are doing just that inside and outside the organization -- but don't question the seven players the Cowboys took starting with Wisconsin center Travis Frederick in the first round.

The Cowboys feel every pick will contribute in 2013, some more than others. They believe all of them have the potential to become starters in the future, so there is a feeling inside the organization that this is the best draft the team has had in a few years in terms of the picks and the value.

"All in all it was probably the most successful draft we've had in a while," a source said. "We got a guy a guy in the fifth round (running back Joseph Randle) we had on the board in the third. We got good value on guys instead or reaching as we did in the past. Last year, we needed a safety and might have pumped a little air in (fourth-round pick Matt Johnson). We took him earlier than we needed to. That didn't happen this year other than maybe the first round. We tried to keep our standards high about a first rounder, second rounder, third rounder and fourth rounder looks like and didn't let a guy slip in there that we shouldn't have taken in that slot. We got good value."

While he may have been a reach at 31, the Cowboys truly believe they got a good player in Frederick who is an immediate upgrade at center and will help the team immensely in 2013.

The Cowboys did their best work, however, on the second and third day of draft starting with tight end Gavin Escobar in the second round. No one questions his talent or potential. He was considered the second- or third-best tight end in the draft, and the Cowboys got him right where he was projected to go.

The best selection, however, might have been Baylor receiver Terrence Williams with the controversial pick they got from the 49ers in the third round.

The Cowboys had Williams rated higher on their draft board than Escobar, according to a source. But they felt the potential was greater for him or another quality receiver to be there in the third than Escobar being there.

They turned out to be right. That's was a huge win for owner/general manager Jerry Jones and the personnel department. 

No matter how bad they messed up in the first round, it turned out OK when they came away with Frederick and Williams to show for the 18th overall pick they traded to San Francisco.

“That’s how the draft go,” said a defensive-turned-giddy Jones after picking Williams on Friday while trying to make a play on the popular “That’s how baseball go” line made famous by Texas Rangers Ron Washington.

The Cowboys had Georgia Southern safety J.J. Wilcox as a third-round pick, and that's where they took him. Certainly he is still learning the position after playing it just one year in college, but they love his potential and upside.

"He is a downhill, physical football player who has range," a source said. "Not many safeties run 4.5 in the 40-yard dash like him. He is a faster Barry Church. He is physical and has more range."

The Cowboys were also pleased with William and Mary cornerback B.W. Webb in the fourth round. A couple of scouts had him rated as a second-round prospect. The Cowboys say he compares favorably to Southeastern Louisiana cornerback Robert Alford who the Falcons took in the second round.

"For us to get him in the fourth, we had to take him," a source said. "We felt it was a wash between he and Alford and he went in the second."

The Cowboys believe Webb will pay dividends now and in the future in terms of how it relates to nickel cornerback Orlando Scandrick.

"He is going to push Scandrick," the source said. "Scandrick hasn't had anybody push him, and he has a moody and inconsistent personality. Hopefully it will raise his level of play and give us the ability to move on in a year or two and save some money. We might even be able to trade Scandrick for a pick."

Scandrick graded out as Pro Football Focus' No. 43-ranked cornerback in pass coverage last season. His salary jumps to $3.5 million in 2014 and $5 million in 2015 and 2016. Webb's rookie deal will have him making minimum salaries in each of the next four years.  

So the Cowboys believe they got value and potential salary flexibility with Webb.

Getting Randle in the fifth round was another coup as they had the former Oklahoma Sate star graded as a third-round pick.

"He walks in as the No. 2 running back," the source said. "He has DeMarco Murray traits. He is a three-down player. He can catch the ball and block the blitz. He plays faster than his 4.5 time in the 40. Getting that guy in the fifth round was huge. We won't lose any sleep if he has to start."

The Cowboys believe they got good value with South Carolina linebacker Devonte Holloman in the sixth round. They had him graded in the fifth.

The interesting thing is the Cowboys had Arizona State linebacker Brandon Magee rated as a fourth-rounder.

They made the call to pick Holloman and chance that Magee would make it to free agency because of Magee's smaller size and injury history. They also felt Holloman was a better special teams player.

That's also why they moved heaven and earth to sign Magee as an undrafted free agent, giving him an NFL-high $70,000 guarantee on his first year salary. Magee got an actual $5,000 signing bonus and $65,000 of his first year salary was guaranteed to him whether he makes the team or not. No seventh-round pick last year got $70,000 in signing bonus from any team.

The Cowboys did guarantee undrafted free agent guard Ron Leary $214,000 of his base salary in 2012.







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Why am I not surprised at this article. I said this would happen. The minute that draft was over. I said it wouldn't take long before the local media would say Jerry did a fantastic job with his picks even though that idiot was getting blasted from coast to coast because of his getting fleeced by the Niners in that first round and taking a guy at #31 who was projected to be a third or fourth round pick. There is no way Jerry or you local media types can say that knucklehead Jerry got it right. He blew it yet again.

I'm okay with the 1st pick in the draft, could have been better. But travis fills a need. Now can the Jones' fill some more on the O-line. I see that Clabo is available on the market. If they want to keep Doug free fine, but don't let Clabo get away and settle for some less productive player if you have to cut Free loose. What's the hold up. Also, Spencer's contract needs to get nailed down. Brandon Moore is out there too. The O-line would be upgraded significantly if Clabo and Moore were added. Especially since the Jones' want to mimic the patriots offensive scheme. Tony would be lethal thus season behind a tough O-line. The offense would put up,some major points every week. Taking pressure off the implementation of Monte's new defense. What have you heard about Spencer's and Free, Clabo and Moore?? Thanx

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