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May 15, 2013

Stephen Jones says he remains pleased with career of Felix Jones in Dallas

Former Cowboys running Felix Jones, who signed with the Eagles on Tuesday, was a disappointment as a first-round pick based on starts, production and impact.

Yet Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones refuses to call him a bust and says he has no regrets about Felix Jones' time in Dallas.

“The guy played for us in a significant role,” Jones said. “The shelf life for a running back is not long. We are pleased with the career he had here with us.”

Jones said he remains fond of the running back picked 22nd overall in 2008 over such backs as Tennessee’s Chris Johnson, Baltimore’s Ray Rice, Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles and Chicago’s Matt Forte largely because Jones went to Arkansas, the alma mater of Stephen Jones and owner Jerry Jones.

“You know what we think of Felix,” Stephen Jones said. “He is a Razorback. We wish him good luck except when the Cowboys and Eagles play.”

Jones’ one-year contract with the Eagles came with a $32,000 signing bonus.

-- Clarence Hill



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Stephen you're just as moronic as your daddy. Felix was a bust and don't tell me you don't have any regrets about not signing Johnson, Rice, Charles, or Forte when we could have had them. They did more in one year than Felix did in 5.

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