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May 21, 2013

Tony Romo: "I don't think I'm an 8-8 quarterback"

When Tony Romo returns to practice next month from a cyst he recently had removed from his back, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback plans to have his teammates’ backs.

“We were 8-8 the last couple of years,” Romo said Tuesday, the first day of the team’s organized team activities. “That doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t think I’m an 8-8 quarterback. I don’t think this organization is comfortable being 8-8. We’re going to do everything we can as coaches, players and in this building to change that.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen again. That just sits there and eats at you. We make choices to do everything that we can to change that.”

Romo talked for 19 minutes Tuesday in his first expansive interview session since he signed a six-year, $108 million contract extension March 29. The quarterback, who is entering his seventh full season as a starter, will have a bigger hand in the offense this season.

“I’ve got a great relationship with Jason,” Romo said. “He’s got a great mind for football. The older you get, you develop that a little bit as a quarterback. If you do some good things in the past that allow you to show then you can have a little more of that. That’s part of the growth that takes shape.”

Romo is only 17-21 over the past three seasons, and he has one playoff win his career, but the Cowboys have deemed him their franchise quarterback of the present and of the future. They then assured a “Romo-friendly” offense by spending three high draft picks on offensive players, selecting center Travis Frederick in the first round, tight end Gavin Escobar in the second and receiver Terrance Williams in the third. They also took running back Joseph Randle.

Romo plans to prove the Cowboys right.

“You’re constantly evaluating yourself, and in a leadership role, how to improve and help the football team,” Romo said. “I think that’s definitely the communication that happens between everybody. That’s an important aspect of making sure that things that did happen don’t happen again, and I know that that’s part of why the coaches are spending so many hours doing what they’re doing, and why the players are working as hard as they are, to ensure that this football team is going to be better and be a different football team than you’ve seen.”

-- Charean Williams


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I don't know why some in the local media is not writing Romo's..exact..words. Romo is quoted as saying...'I don't like being an average quarterback.' Those were his exact words. Not...I don't believe I'm an 8-8 quarterback. This idiot admitted about himself what most have known for the last few years. Giving Romo that contract will go down as one of the dumbest things an NFL GM has ever done in the history of the NFL.

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