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June 12, 2013

Jason Garrett finally acknowledges Tony Romo’s dramatically increased involvement

Just as he finally acknowledged that Bill Callahan was going to call plays this season, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett also got with the party line on quarterback Tony Romo’s increased involvement in the offense.

Ever since owner Jerry Jones announced that Romo would be spending Peyton Manning-type time at the team’s Valley Ranch headquarters and be more involved in personnel and have added input in the offense following the signing of hi six-year, $108 million contract extension, Garrett has downplayed its significance.

Garrett has maintained that Romo has always been involved and that there would nothing dramatically different in his role this year outside of the natural evolution of a veteran quarterback.

Asked last week about the difference in how and Garrett were portraying Romo’s new role, Jones said: “I don’t see that as conflict because it’s a significant change in how much he’s involved during the week. Significant change in how much he’s involved from the way it has been in the past. So, that’s pretty clear.”

Now apparently it’s clear to Garrett to.

On Tuesday, he talked at length about Romo’s new role, saying his increased involvement was a collective and deliberate decision by the entire organization .

"Tony is very involved in what we are doing and has been for many years," Garrett said. But we made the decision early on the offseason prior to signing Tony to really say ‘hey Tony we want you to get more involved’. We want to be very deliberate from an organization standpoint to do that. He has certainly embraced that. Tony is a gym rat, always has been. He is always around this place. We have tried to step that up more. He has embraced that. He has always had that mentality like most quarterbacks. We wanted to make a decision as an organization to get the most out of him to say 'hey, we want more. You have done a great job up this point. We want more. We know you want more.' And that has been a positive change. He has spent a ton of time up in here in the offseason engaged in what we are doing, helping us put the whole installation plan together. He will continue to do that through training camp and into the regular season and certainly on game day."

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