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June 19, 2013

Romo says the idea of finding a way to win the Super Bowl wakes him up, gets him going

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo says the idea of finding a way to win a Super Bowl wakes him up in the morning.

“Winning a Super Bowl is a challenge. I think it’s the ultimate challenge,” he said in his talk with reporters during the mini-camp at Valley Ranch last week. “I think it’s something that wakes me up and gets me excited in the morning, continuing to find a way to make that happen for the fans, for the organization and these players in here. It’s something that sits there and you just constantly are trying to figure out a way to do that, through different ways.”

Romo said he believes there are two ways to beat people. “You out-work them and you out-think them,” he said. “Those two things allow you to get the best chance to succeed.”

But for all the Cowboys have put on him – a $108 million contract extension, a bigger role in putting the offensive game plan together – Romo said he does not feel extra pressure.

“I think more than anything, you’re just trying to compete with yourself to improve every day, and in that process, you’re bringing everybody else with you to get to a level of competition that makes every play and everything important in that process,” he said.

Romo also talked about dealing with criticism from fans and media. He said he deals with it by understanding that opinions don’t help or hurt during the games. He was asked how he makes sure outside criticism doesn’t affect the other players.

“Well, you just talk to them,” he said. “And more than anything, they should learn it through experiences in general. When they see other guys who have been at it for an extended period of time doing certain things, they understand it pretty quickly. It’s part of playing in the National Football League. If it was all positive, you wouldn’t be playing in the National Football League, I promise you. You’ve got to take the good with the bad. And that’s part of it  And more than anything, you just compete your butt off every single day and get better.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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Romo can't get this team to the playoffs much less a Super Bowl appearance...

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