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July 30, 2013

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo refuses planned day off, earns points with teammates as a leader

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has not decided whether quarterback Tony Romo will play against the Miami Dolphins in Sunday's preseason opener.

But if it comes down to anything like Tuesday’s practice then look for Romo to finagle his way into a few snaps in the Hall of Fame game.

In what was supposed to be a rest day as the team focused on short yard and goal line work, Romo talked his way into full participation in practice.

“Initially he was not going to practice,” quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said in echoing the plan laid out by Garrett before practice. “But he said I feel fine. I’m not going to do individual stuff and get full day off tomorrow and possibly do 30 or 40 throws in all of practice.’ You like for him to take care of his body. But you like that aggressive mentality with the team. ‘Hey if they are going to be out there I’m going to be out there.’ He didn’t over do anything.”

Defense end DeMarcus Ware certainly took notice and said Romo’s attitude will go a long way in the locker room.

“You know what a guy like Romo that’s what we need to see – a guy who’s out there working when he shouldn’t be working and doing what he needs to do when he doesn’t have to,” Ware said. “That carries over into the game. Sometimes there are some adverse times in the game to where you don’t want to get out there and do it, but you get out there and do it and not just for yourself. You do it for your teammates.”

Garrett wanted to give Romo the day off, hoping to combine that with the scheduled off day on Wednesday to give him some much needed rest that could prove beneficial down the road.

Garrett, however, made it clear that there are no concerns or issues with Romo's health and certainly nothing related to the back surgery that sidelined him during the off season. He started out camp a little rusty because of the time off but has gotten better and more polished every day.

“I think he’s made great progress each and every day,” Garrett said. “I think you just see it. Like with a lot of guys in your first day at camp, there’s a little rust that you have. Your feet always aren’t underneath you whatever position you play and you’re just kind of feeling your back into football. I think Tony had some of that. But each and every day throughout camp, he’s gotten better and better and better. I think his feet are much better. I think he’s moving more naturally and instinctively. Again, that happens with everybody when you start playing football again every year. It was noticeable to me that he’s just improving each and every day.”

Wilson agreed that Romo has had a real good start to camp but most importantly is developing chemistry with the three rookies _ center Travis Frederick, receiver Terrance Williams and tight end Gavin Escobar _ that he was missed in the off season.

“Missing the spring, you always want to come back out and get that work,” Wilson said.  “The main thing is getting chemistry with Frederick with Escobar with Williams, getting those guys on the same page. And being out there explaining what is expected out of them. His camp has been solid.”

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