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July 21, 2013

Cowboys rookie Travis Frederick says playing guard will make him a better center, so he's open to that

Travis Frederick has just about won himself the starting center job as a rookie. But he figures if he has to play some at guard during training camp, it will actually help him become a better center.

“As a center, you kind of have to know what everybody is doing,” he said. “So that will help in that transition to guard. But the more reps you get in different places, I think that that helps you get a better grasp of what that person is doing and how much more you need to help somebody or how much less you need to help somebody and get a feel for that instead of just seeing it on paper.”

Frederick may get more chances than planned to play guard because the Cowboys are missing Nate Livings and Ron Leary because of injury. But it also means Frederick gets less of a chance to work with the players he may start beside in the regular season.

“You’re missing a little bit here and there because you got little timing things and that kind of stuff,” Frederick said. “But as a group, as an offensive line, and I think this goes for everybody, not just us, you do your best to be able to interchange and be switchable and do everything at the same speed. So everybody’s doing things at the same speed so if somebody has to switch over to guard or somebody is not playing for the day, you an just plug somebody in and get going. So I think you’re missing a little bit, but again, it’s great to be working with other people.”

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He may have to play all of the positions considering so many of the OL can't participate.

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