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July 30, 2013

Garrett continues to be asked about Lance Dunbar and continues to praise him -- and his tire-flipping skills

Almost every day in camp, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has been asked about Lance Dunbar.

Almost every day, Garrett finds something good to say about the smallish second-year running back, who has leaped ahead of every other back in camp except DeMarco Murray. Monday, Garrett talked up Dunbar’s tire-flipping skills.

Yep. Tire-flipping skills.

“We do a drill in the off-season … tire flipping,” Garrett said. “It’s a part of their conditioning. It’s really good for leverage. We create competitive situations – four guys are over here, four guys are over here – kind of a relay race. I go over by the tennis court there at Valley Ranch, and Dunbar’s mixed in there with all the tight ends – all these big, tall guys who are long, strong, explosive. And literally the tire looks bigger than Dunbar. And I’m like ‘Who drew the short straw here?’  And he goes out there and he does that drill as well as anybody in that group.”

Garrett said that’s an example of the strength and determination Dunbar is using to get noticed in camp.

“He’s a little guy, but he’s quick,” Garrett said. “He’s explosive, he knows what to do, and he loves playing football … He’s a very good receiver, and he’s got good vision as a runner. His biggest issue is he’s not a real big guy, and sometimes that causes problems in pass protection. But again, he sticks his nose in there and blocks the guy.”

Garrett allowed that the Cowboys do have to consider Dunbar’s size when they think about how to use him. But he said Dunbar “believes he’s a complete back,” and so he is going to get chances to do more things.

“He’s a very good pass receiver,” Garrett said, asked to say what makes Dunbar unique. “He just has a good understanding, for a young player, of how to release, how to work guys. He understands leverage, angles. He’s quick and explosive and can separate really well as a route runner.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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