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July 28, 2013

Jerry Jones believes AT&T Stadium deal will improve Cowboys, improve fan experience, raise bar for NFL

Owner Jerry Jones has always put money back into the Cowboys. That has been the case since he bought the team in 1989 so it goes without saying that he will use the money from the new AT&T Stadium deal to help improve the product on the field.

"If you look at the time I bought the Cowboys, I always put everything we get into the franchise and the team. And that’s what I wanted," Jones said. "Frankly, I’ve had my family in an informal moment, say ‘Dad we believe you’d create a dollar’s worth of revenue for the Cowboys than $10 worth of revenue in Oil & Gas or real estate. I said, ‘is it that obvious?’ but it also does other things. That’s my passion. That’s what we want to do. I want to use any skills I’ve got to help create in that area."

Jones said it's equally important and has always been to do innovative things to improve the experience at the stadium. He believes the AT&T deal with help them do that because of the interactive and futuristic things they will be doing in the stadium. Not only will it help the Cowboys but help the NFL as it will raise the bar for other teams to do same things.

"We’ve got to protect the game," Jones said. "I would say to you, whatever you do as well as protect the game, you need it as exciting and as cutting edge and interesting as you can. That’s where we’ll spend the money. We’ll always be spending it for interesting things. There’s not room for another center-hung scoreboard but we’ll be coming up with things that make it a fan experience.  But it also can create awareness and create best practices or better practices for the league and other teams can maybe .. if it works.. other teams will do it. That’s the experience I’ve had in 25 years. I’ve seen that happen. All of a sudden a stadium is not the same thing.  My point is hopefully those will do that and when it does that...when it does raise the level, then it should create enhancement to our fans, create enhancement to the perception of the game. by doing that, when other clubs start doing it, it becomes the standard.

 It’s not just money for the Cowboys, but for the league or the other teams. It’s one thing to say, it’s another thing to get up and do it, and it work. Things have to work. They have to ultimately, not only serve and be a good thing for your fans or the people paying for it, but it also has to provide some of the grease to build. Or some of the juice to build."

Clarence Hill


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