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July 25, 2013

Romo has instincts, Dez has instincts, and now they are mixing, Garrett says

The Cowboys believe they have an instinctive quarterback in Tony Romo, a player who has a feel for the game.

They believe they have another in receiver Dez Bryant.

Now, watch them mix, coach Jason Garrett says.

“You get guys like that together – it takes a little bit – but typically they see the game the same way,” Garrett said Wednesday, asked about the rapport Romo and Bryant are developing. “They see how to get open the same way, where to throw the ball the same way, and they hook up.”

In three years, Bryant has caught the fourth-most passes from Romo, behind Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Terrell Owens. He’s also caught the fourth-most touchdown passes, behind the same three. But Witten and Austin have been catching passes from Romo for seven years.

“They are both very instinctive players, and we saw that right from the start,” Garrett said. “Dez just has this knack for figuring out a way to get open. He has all of these physical traits – he’s big, strong, physical, he’s quick, he can run, he has great body control. He also has a great feel for the game. Watch him track a football. He sees it. You ever see a great center fielder who just understands where the ball is going? He runs to the spot, and he knows where the warning track is, he knows where the wall is, he just catches the ball easily?

“I think Dez has a lot of those traits. He just has really good instincts for the game.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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