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July 30, 2013

Tony Romo will have veteran's day off today; no issues with health, just a day of rest

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has not decided whether quarterback Tony Romo will play in the Hall of Fame game against the Miami Dolphins in Sunday's preseason opener.

But he has determined that Romo has done enough through the first week of camp that he deserves a veteran's day off. Romo will not practice Tuesday afternoon as the Cowboys concentrate on a goal line and short yardage work on offense.

Considering that the entire team will be off Wednesday, it means that Romo will actually have two days of rest of practice, which should prove beneficial down the road.

“We’re trying to give some of our more veteran players a little bit of time off throughout camp and this will be a day that we choose for him,” Garrett said. “It’s a short-yardage and goal-line day for most of it. So it’s a nice bonus day. The other thing we’re trying to do is put some of these days off up against a real day off, so the concept of you give a player a day off that helps rejuvenate him. You give him two days off, it can be life-changing for them. That’s a little bit of the thought process."

Garrett however made it clear that there are no concerns or issues with Romo's health and certainly nothing related to the back surgery that sidelined him during the off season. He started out camp a little rusty because of the time off but has gotten better and more polished every day.

“I think he’s made great progress each and every day,” Garrett said. “I think you just see it. Like with a lot of guys in your first day at camp, there’s a little rust that you have. Your feet always aren’t underneath you whatever position you play and you’re just kind of feeling your back into football. I think Tony had some of that. But each and every day throughout camp, he’s gotten better and better and better. I think his feet are much better. I think he’s moving more naturally and instinctively. Again, that happens with everybody when you start playing football again every year. It was noticeable to me that he’s just improving each and every day.”


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