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July 21, 2013

Tony Romo's weight gain

Tony Romo is listed as 236 pounds, which is the heaviest he has ever been in his NFL career. He said that figure isn't accurate; he said he weighs between 227 and 230, "depending on the day you catch me."

After surgery to remove a cyst on his back, Romo was told to do zilch as part of the recovery. Accordingly, he is not quite in as good of condition as he normally is. But he isn't fat.

The lightest he has ever been listed in 2005 when he was listed at 219. 

Here are the listed weights he has played at since he entered the league:

2003: 227
2004: 227
2005: 219
2006: 225
2007: 224
2008: 224
2009: 226
2010: 223
2011: 227
2012: 230
2013: 236 

- Mac Engel
Twitter @MacEngelProf 


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