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August 17, 2013

Cowboys on missed early TD chance: Williams ran wrong route, Romo still missed the throw

The Cowboys’ first-team offense has scored just three points in two preseason games.

They had a great chance to score against the Cardinals Saturday when receiver Terrance Williams broke free with no one between him and the end zone in the first quarter.

However, quarterback Tony Romo over threw him.

The Cowboys had two responses on the play:  Williams ran the wrong route on what was a third and one and Romo missed the throw.

 “Terrance was supposed to go across the middle and went deep Tony saw it and tried to put it in there deep,” owner Jerry Jones said. “Tony saw it and almost had a great play. Now where that is going to stack up on third and one I don’t know.”

Romo said it was part the process of getting on the same page with the rookie from Baylor. They didn’t get to work together in the offseason because of Romo’s back surgery and Williams missed the first two preseason games because of a concussion and was playing against the Cardinals for the first time.

 “It was an adjustment route, so he has to see it a little differently,” Romo said. “He made an adjustment off of one thing and there was another adjustment supposed to be made. The thing, obviously, if he runs that route I have to adjust to that. It’s part of learning. It’s his first game and we will have that down next time. I thought he did really good tonight. He did a lot of good things.”

Still coach Jason Garrett said that it was a missed opportunity for a touchdown because of a bad overthrow by Romo.

“Tony missed a throw,” Garrett said. “Tony makes a lot of throws. We see he’s an obviously very accurate quarterback and he had a chance. It looked like Terrance beat him off the line of scrimmage and we missed it. That’s an opportunity in a game that we look back on as coaches and it’s a missed opportunity. We had a chance to really put a dagger in there, but we’ll learn from that and we will get better.”

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The receiver ALWAYS runs the wrong route on a pass that Romo misses for a possible touchdown. Just hilarious the excuses for Romo that come out of Valley Ranch on Romo's bad passes. I don't care what route Williams was supposed to run on that play. He was wide open for a touchdown and Romo over threw him by ten yards. That's on Romo..!!

a $108 million quarterback should make that play with his eyes closed. how long has romo been in the league now, in the same offensive system???

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