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August 06, 2013

Cowboys rookie DeVonte Holloman well aware he didn't line up correctly on his pick-six and made other mistakes

Rookie linebacker DeVonte Holloman said he did not line up correctly on his interception return for a touchdown.

But he made up for it by running to the ball, like he and the rest of the defense have been told over and over.

“I lined up a bit too wide,” Holloman said. “A tipped pass can go either way. It’s anybody’s ball once it’s in the air. Just running to the ball helped me be in position on that play.”

Holloman did not have a perfect game, and coach Jason Garrett was unhappy with a late hit on the quarterback from Holloman.

“He’s sliding feet first. It’s the NFL. Quarterback gives it up. You can’t hit him,” Garrett said. “I don’t know if it was around his head or not, but you simply can’t hit the guy there.”

Holloman said he was told in no uncertain terms about the mistake. So however much of a high he got from the interception, he came down to earth.

“After watching the rest of the film, you get to see the plays that you also messed up on,” he said. “One big play makes you have a great game to the fans, but here within the team, there’s a couple of other plays that you know you might not have done everything right.”

Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin cut the sixth-round pick a little more slack.

“We’re not lined up right every time, that’s for sure,” he said. “It’s the NFL, and they’re shifting this and that. Especially young guys, who have not seen all the formations and adjustments and the systems and stuff like that.

“He actually went out and played well. Some guys, they look good in practice and they don’t look quite as good in the games.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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