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August 15, 2013

Cowboys' trip to the ocean turns into shark tales

The Cowboys might be big, strong and fast, but they're not fast enough to get away from a shark in the ocean and not nearly powerful enough to fend it off. In other words, they're scared.

That's why many of the Cowboys players ended up on the sideline -- aka the beach -- during the team outing to a private beach Wednesday.

"I didn’t go near the water," Cowboys safety Barry Church said. "It was too cold. It was Shark Week. I wasn’t messing with it. I didn’t touch that ocean."

The Cowboys had a live band and food trucks on the beach, which is where about half the team stayed for the duration. Some players have been watching Shark Week late at night. That scared some from going in the water, the 65-degree water temperature not withstanding.

"I told the staff I said – and I think this could be true – you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than get attacked by a shark," Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee said. "I told that to Bruce Carter. He didn’t believe me. He didn’t want anything to do with the water."

Told that in Oxnard, a lightning strike is less likely than a shark attack, Lee said, "That’s probably true at the time, but you never know. A storm can roll in."

Lee was asked if he would attempt to save one of his teammates from a shark attack.

" would probably find the Bay Watch guys to help him, because I wouldn’t be able to help him in any way," Lee said. "I’d try to find some way to help them get somebody with experience in there.

"It would be guaranteed that I would die. You know what I’m staying? There would be no way for me to help."

Running back Joseph Randle succumbed to peer pressure and jumped in head first -- literally.

"I am not so sure that Joseph has ever been in the ocean before," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "We put a little pressure on Joseph to come in. There were about 25 guys and coaches in the water, so we said, 'Come on, Randle, get in here.' He was on the side of the ocean about 20 feet away. He takes his shirt off, goes running in, and I swear to God, he thought it was a swimming pool because he got about three steps in, the water could not have been more than 12 inches deep, and he jumps up and goes bang. It’s rocks; it’s sand; It ain’t deep. He kind of played it off and got going again, but I am not so sure he knew what he was getting into.Typical Randle. I say that with affection."

-- Charean Williams




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