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August 28, 2013

Garrett aims to keep criticism of players in-house, but apparently getting more direct in press conferences

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett doesn’t like the term “calling out,” but he is “calling out” his players more frequently in his press conferences.

He was blunt in his criticism of DeMarco Murray following Saturday’s game. In training camp, he pointedly said rookie J.J. Wilcox needed to play with more intensity on special teams. He has pointed out the errors of other players.

That is a change from his first two years as head coach, and asked about it at his press conference Tuesday, he said he sticks to the idea of keeping criticism in-house. But not always.

“What we try to do is try to understand our responsibilities as players and coaches to the media, and trying to be as informative as we can without undermining our football team,” Garrett said. “Most of our coaching and constructive criticism goes on in-house directly, through the practice film. I do it, our coordinators do it, our position coaches do it, and that’s really how we handle most things.

“But, at the same time, we are always balancing trying not to be vague, and trying to be someone who stands up here and gives some answers that are interesting and that help our team and that help our National Football League.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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What does he have to lose? Garrett knows he's a lame duck head coach. And what happens if they get off to a slow start to the season and the players start making waves about the head coach and his coaching staff?

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