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August 06, 2013

Garrett, Escobar agree blocking is the majority of what he needs to work on in preseason

Rookie tight end Gavin Escobar said it meant a lot to him to play in the Hall of Fame game, and he enjoyed it. But he came out of it with a lot of homework to do on his blocking.

“There are some technique issues I had in the game that hurt me a little bit,”’ he said. “So I’m going to try to clean those up throughout the preseason. Because we ran the ball a lot. We ran it pretty well, too. That’s the majority of what I need to clean up.”

Garrett said he thought Escobar’s blocking was “okay,” and that the coaches wanted to see Escobar have to “stick his nose in there.”

“He needs to take the technique he’s using in practice to the game,” Garrett said. “That’s I was talking about before with the runners. Oftentimes, they’re doing everything right in practice and then they get in the game and all hell breaks loose and they kind of revert back. I thought at times, he reverted back with his hand placement, his footwork.”

Escobar said he enjoys blocking, but that at 6-foot-8, he has to get down low to be any kind of effective blocker.

“I first started doing it in college. You definitely get used to it,” he said. “It’s great being a tight end because you’re a lineman and a receiver. It’s the best of both.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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