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August 12, 2013

Garrett outlines mistakes on special teams vs. Raiders: 'four bad plays'

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett outlined the mistakes on special teams against the Raiders on Friday night.

He called them “four bad plays.”

“There was a 51-yard run, there was a fumbled punt, there was an unnecessary roughness and there was a blocked field goal,” he said. “Those are bad plays. Those are plays that get you beat.”

Garrett talked about each play.

On the 51-yard kickoff return, “Jared Green makes a really good play in Canton by going inside of his guy on a kickoff. He forces the returner to go wide, and Frampton makes a tackle inside the 20-yard line. It was a really good play. Jared did the same thing again this week. He went inside. Caused him and another guy to go down the ground, creating a big lane on the 51-yard kickoff return. So you learn. You understand why you do what you do based on the looks you get and hopefully you get better the next time you do it.”

On B.W. Webb’s muffed punt, “Obviously, B.W. Webb on the fumbled punt, it was a bad play. The ball is critical at that point in the game, or at any point in the game. You can’t give them the ball on the 9-yard line.”

On the roughness penalty by Eric Frampton, “Frampton, literally, just didn’t see the guy put his hand up. And he’s a really-aware player particularly on teams. He was caught up with trying to get around his guy and caused that unnecessary roughness.”

On the blocked field goal, “We simply just had a protection issue on the right-hand side with a couple of different guys on the blocked field goal. We’ve got to get that addressed as well.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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