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August 17, 2013

Harris, Dunbar, Bryant accept responsibility for fumbles

Running back Lance Dunbar and receivers Dez Bryant and Dwayne Harris were lockstep with coach Jason Garrett after the Cowboys 12-7 loss to the Cardinals regarding their turnovers.

The fumbles were critical and they can’t happen _ no matter the potential excitement they displayed on each play.

Dunbar’s came at the end of a 43-yard catch and run that would have put the Cowboys in the red zone.

Bryant’s came after a 27-yard catch.

“I was just trying to keep my balance instead of tucking the ball away,” Dunbar said.  “I kind of lost it trying to keep my balance. You can’t let that happen. That kind of messed up the whole series right there. We got the ball down there. We have to keep it so we can put it in the end zone. We can’t allow that and it won’t happen again.”

Bryant had four catches for 74 yards in the game. But the fumble took the steam out of his performance.

“Ball security is very important in this league. Big, huge mistake on my part trying to do too much, trying to switch hands and stiff arm; can’t do it. “That outweighs what you’ve done in the ballgame regardless of any circumstances. It’s something I got to learn from, take it in next week and work on it. That’s all I can do, and make sure it’ll never happen again.”

Harris sung the same song.

“It’s always disappointing fumbling the ball on your half of the field,” Harris said. “He just made a good play. He came from behind me and made a good play. I can’t take nothing from him. I should have had better ball security. You got to work on it in practide and make it better.”

 Clarence Hill


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