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August 01, 2013

NBA star and huge Cowboys fan Chris Paul gets "career highlight" with visit to practice

NBA superstar LeBron James of the Miami Heat is well known as a huge Dallas Cowboys fan but let Los Angeles Clippers' star Chris Paul tell it James is nowhere close to being a bigger fan than he is.
Paul backed up his fandom with a visit to Cowboys practice on Thursday, calling it one of the highlights of his career, as he spoke to the team and took pictures with many of the players, including Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and DeMarcus Ware.
"I didn't have a message," Paul said. "I told the guys how big a fan I am. I am just honored and privileged to be here."
Paul went on to enumerate examples of love for the Cowboys. He said his dad and entire family are Cowboys fans as is his son.
"I used to act like I was Ken Norton in the backyard playing linebacker," Paul said. "My dad was a huge fan of Drew Pearson. I can't wait to send pictures to my dad. My family is going to go nuts. It's serious. I slept on Cowboys sheets in college. I remember many years going to be affected by if the Cowboys won or lost. It's serious. I don't miss anything. I can't wait to get home Sunday to watch the Hall of Fame Game."
Paul said he was a pretty good football player himself, playing quarterback on the varsity as a freshman in high school while managing to only make the junior varsity in basketball.
He also said he missed football and wondered aloud what would have happened if he would have stayed with it.
Of course, he probably wouldn't be doing national commercials for State Farm with his "fake'" twin brother Cliff Paul.


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