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August 15, 2013

QB coach Wade Wilson says new play-calling arrangement has benefited both Garrett and Callahan

Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson says the new play-calling relationship between head coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Bill Callahan has benefited them both.

“The good thing about Bill and Jason is there’s been a lot of flexibility – ‘I don’t like this,’ or, ‘I do like this, let’s incorporate this,’ ” Wilson said Thursday, the eve of the Cowboys breaking camp. “There’s been a lot of give-and-take and been very healthy for both of them.”

Wilson said Garrett’s personality allowed for a smooth transition from play-caller to overseer.

“I think he’s handled it real well,” Wilson said. “I think that it was whatever the decision was, that he was going to be the head coach and Bill was going to be the play-caller, then accepted that and went with it. He’s still very heavily involved on the offensive side, with the design of the game plan. I would assume going forward he’ll still be heavily involved with that. I think he’s handled that extremely well.”

Wilson, who is entering his seventh season working with Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo, said Romo brought ideas for the offense in the offseason.

“Anything that Tony wants to include in the off-season, we see concepts that we like, we say let’s find as many plays that are run like that from whoever’s running them and then present them, rather than grab-bag it,” Wilson said. “We want to present physical evidence on tape and say this is why we like this and this is what the reads would be and does it fit our stuff. And then we’ll look at it as a staff and with Tony in there. ‘Does it fit? Yeah. Does it fit? No, let’s don’t do it.’ So it’s been very healthy.

-- Carlos Mendez

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