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August 19, 2013

Rookie Terrance Williams acknowledges he ran wrong route, needs to get on same page with Tony Romo

Cowboys rookie receiver Terrance Williams acknowledged he ran the wrong route on the over thrown ball from quarterback Tony Romo in the first quarter against the Cardinals.

It was a communication breakdown between Williams and Romo as the two are still trying to develop some chemistry. 

"It’s something I can come back and watch the film and continue to develop and being on the same page with him," Williams said. "It was just something that he pointed the safety out. I was too focused on the play that he called instead of doing the check down. But it’s something I just have to continue to keep learning how he calls things and just my eyes more and have common sense."

That being said, the Cowboys are not unhappy with the route Williams ran. He beat his man off the ball and was wide open. It's a play that coach Jason Garrett said should have still resulted in a completion and a touchdown if Romo didn't over throw the ball.

Overall, Garrett said the Cowboys were pleased with Williams' performance, his first of the preseason after missing the first two games with a concussion.

“Yeah, he did (play well)," Garrett said. "He played close to 25 snaps and did some good things. He won on a release early on in the game on a third down that was really a missed opportunity for us. He looked comfortable to me. I thought he did some things with his releases and the routes down the field that were very positive. Didn’t seem like he was in awe of the situation at all. He looked big. He looked fast. He looked like he had fresh legs, so it was good to see him in some extended action. He’s got to tighten things up at the top of routes like a lot of young receivers do, but he seemed comfortable out there to me.”

 But still Williams knows he needs to learn to run the right route if he hopes to gain the trust of his quarterback. 

"It’s just the premise of it, being in the spot," Williams said. "If he points something out, then I have to continue to be there, to trust with him, because later on, if I do something like that and then if he throws the ball in the wrong spot then they’re going to be looking at me, like, what am I doing? I just have to use my eyes more."

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Another article wrote that Romo should have taken the blame for the overthrow in order to "show team leadership" thereby taking responsibility away from Williams. This article reports Williams did what was right. He made a mistake and has taken responsibility for it. Romo, however, should have completed the pass anyway and I am sure he admits that.

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