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August 27, 2013

Tony Romo doesn't see coaching in his future, even though Jerry Jones says QB has the mind of one

Tony Romo might think like a coach, but he insists coaching is not in his future.

"I couldn’t imagine coaching," Romo said. "Those guys work incredibly hard. To me, it’s such an incredibly fun grind as a quarterback. I don’t ever envision not playing right now, so I can’t imagine ever thinking about it in any different way than playing the game."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said earlier Tuesday on his radio show that Romo has a mind like Sean Payton, which is a reason the Cowboys are comfortable giving Romo a bigger hand in the offense this season. Payton served as a Cowboys' assistant from 2003-05 before becoming the Saints head coach. Romo signed with the Cowboys as a college free agent in 2003.

"I think more than anything you just kind of get to the point where you understand the game at a certain level," Romo said when told of Jones' comments. "For me, I think sometimes I think about the game very detailed. Little things matter tremendously as far as the outcome of plays – the releases, the differing things as far as where you want people on certain plays at what depth. And a lot of good coaches do that stuff. I just think you see it that way a little bit more when you get older."

Romo played 10 series this preseason. He completed 26 of 36 passes for 367 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions and a 123.3 passer rating.

"You know, it’s not just about preseason," Romo said. "I feel like training camp is a great analyzer, you could say, about what you have a chance to become and about the things that you’re doing well and not. To me, it’s been a good training camp all the way around. I think we’ve done some things that I feel very good about, and I think we can continue to build on going into the season and get better."

-- Charean Williams


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Romo's stats are misleading. Most of his completions were no more than six to eight yards. Dez and Austin had quite a few yards on RAC.

Just another round of Jerry's delusional thinking.

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