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September 15, 2013

A tired Cowboys defense can't stop running back Jamaal Charles late

Running back Jamaal Charles seemingly ran in place for the better part of the Chiefs' 17-16 victory against the Cowboys Sunday.

He had just nine yards on eight carries leading up to the final drive of the game _ when the Cowboys needed to get the Chiefs off the field and get the ball back to the offense.

That's the when the Cowboys suddenly couldn't stop as Charles rushed for 46 yards on eight carries, helping get first downs and helping the Chiefs chew up the clock. 

"Obviously you want to get a stop there," coach Jason Garrett said. "We just didn't get it down the way we wanted to. The defense was fantastic all day long. They had been on the field throughout the game and that was another one they had to handle. We weren't able to get that to happen."

“We didn’t get turnovers and we didn’t get off the field on the last drive,” linebacker Sean Lee said. “We stopped them most of the game. When it mattered most we couldn’t stop them.”

 Clarence Hill


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The Cowboys offense or lack thereof in the fourth quarter is just as much to blame for this loss as any other part of this team. This looks like the same offense we've seen for the last few years. We lost to a team today who won all of two games last year. Depressing..!!

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