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September 29, 2013

After making a play, Justin Durant ready to put up more and climb Cowboys' board

After the flurry of turnovers caused by the Cowboys’ defense, Justin Durant finally got his hands on a ball last week against the Rams.

The veteran strong-side linebacker forced a fumble, giving him a number in a column besides tackles.

“That’s what’s expected,” he said. “We have a board for turnovers, caused fumbles, interceptions, touchdowns – that type of thing. Everybody wants to get on it. Coach always says, ‘Get on the board.’ So I’m on the board.”

Durant, signed to a two-year contract in the spring as a free agent, is the Cowboys’ fifth-leading tackler through three games, with 13.

The caused fumble was his first noticeable play, but it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been doing his job, he said.

“I always try to be in the right place. I always try to make the plays that come to me,” he said. “That was just a play that came to me within the defense. I’m not trying to step outside, trying to force things. I play my technique and try to make the plays that come to me.”

As for that board, Durant keeps eying it.

“I want to break the linebacker record for number of points in a season,” he said. “That’s the type of thing we’re all trying to do. Everybody was like, ‘Hey, good strip, but let’s get another one.’ ”

-- Carlos Mendez

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