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September 18, 2013

Claiborne has no regrets about decision on PI penalty, would play the same way if had to do it again

Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne laments the pass interference penalty he received late in Sunday's loss to the Chiefs. But he has no regrets about the decision he made with aggressive coverage on a play that was seemingly short of the first down.

Coach Jason Garrett told the media on Monday that Claiborne was too aggressive and needed to show more poise on what was a legitimate pass inference penalty, which extended to the Chiefs' final drive and prevented the Cowboys from getting the ball back into time to rally.

Claiborne said no on has discussed the play with him and he would do the same thing if he had to do it all over again.

"We haven't discussed that play," Claiborne said when asked if Garrett had talked to him about it.. "No one.  I would play it the same way. The call is man to man. I'm going to press. What else can I do.  I can't let them run inside in me and let them catch it. He was pretty close to the marker, the first down marker. I would play it the same. That is what our call was. We were in man to man. I would play man to man and be aggressive.

 Again, Garrett had a different take on the play after reviewing the film on Monday. He said it was a legitimate penalty and Claiborne needs to show more poise in that situation. 

“Obviously, we don’t want him to be that aggressive," Garrett said. I think that call was a legitimate one. He grabbed him a little bit and I think that call was the right one. From a technical standpoint, you just have to have a little more poise in that situation. One of Mo’s strengths as a corner is he does have poise. That’s why he makes so many plays on the ball. He doesn’t panic when the ball’s in the air, and has good body control when he’s dealing with the receiver and the ball. This particular time, he didn’t do that. He just got a little aggressive and really didn’t need to do that, and they made the right call.”

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