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September 11, 2013

Cowboys evaluating rookie Terrance Williams' role as third WR after drops and route bust in opener

Coach Jason Garrett said the Cowboys are continuing to evaluate rookie Terrance Williams' role as the third receiver after a frustrating performance in the season opener against the Giants.
Williams dropped two passes and busted a route in the first quarter that led to an interception from quarterback Tony Romo.
Owner Jerry Jones said on Tuesday that the team will give Dwayne Harris more looks at the third receiver and Garrett echoed those sentiments on Wednesday, saying Harris has earned the right to play more.
"Terrance did some good things in that game," Garrett said. "There were some areas where we got to get better. I think a lot of it is a function of those guys playing together and him just playing snaps of football at this level and the more you play the better you’re going to get. Terrance works very hard at it. He has a chance to be a really good football player. He just needs to play. The quarterback-receiver relationship is a special one. It takes time on task and you need to work really hard in practice and in the preseason and all of that, but when you’re playing a regular season game that’s different. And he’ll learn from that experience and hopefully grow from it as well."
A dejected Williams blamed nervousness for his early struggles and said he just needs to continue to work hard and get on the same page with Romo. 
"I have to keep building trust with him, doing what I'm supposed to do, being at the right spots," Williams said. "If I do that the more chances he will throw the ball to me."
Williams blamed the first quarter mix up, which led to Giants safety Ryan Munday's interception and 91-yard return, on missing check at the line.
"He checked to something and I stayed on the play that was called," Williams said. "He threw it and it was picked. In huddle he called something and while the clock was running down I'm looking at the defense. He checked to something else and I wasn't looking." 
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It's about time writers are starting to report Cowboy's receivers not running their routes correctly. That has been a major problem for the Cowboys in the past and has caused many of the interceptions that Romo has been blamed for.

The entire team including the pro bowlers had jitters for a season opening Sunday night nationally televised game. Yet, these coaches are throwing balls to a rookie near the goal line. I have been a Cowboys fan since birth but six turnovers by the Giants and they were still heading for a win. Can you imagine the score if Tom Brady was given 6 turnovers? I would assume 42-10. I have concluded that Romo is poor at reading the third and fourth reads or options in the passing game. There are about ten quarterbacks ahead of him in that category but we are too enamored by his elusiveness in the pocket. Please!

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