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September 09, 2013

DeMarcus Ware's first-play interception another one of his 'casually unbelievable' plays, says Sean Lee

DeMarcus Ware’s interception on the first play of the game against the Giants left his teammates, who know very well what he can do on the football field, marveling at his athleticism and instinct.

“We always say, ‘Man, he casually is unbelievable at whatever he does,” linebacker Sean Lee said. “Dropping into coverage, playing man, whatever he does, he’s always great at it. He might not even realize it. He has all that great athleticism to do whatever he wants.”

Sunday night, Ware did it on the first play of the game, sniffing out a screen to David Wilson in time to stay with the man blocking him, left tackle Will Beatty, retreat into the passing lane and bring the ball in.

“Most guys would have run upfield, but he read the screen,” defensive tackle Jason Hatcher said. “Unbelievable. But you know, you expect stuff like that from D-Ware. He’s just a freak. He makes big plays. That’s what he does. You know what kind of guy he is. He’s a future Hall of Famer.”

Brandon Carr said, “They want to come out, run a screen, and when you have one of your linemen – especially D-Ware, who’s known for rushing the passer – read his keys and have the discipline to step back and pick the ball off and get the ball back to our offense for the very first time in the game? That’s big for us.”

Lee never saw Ware make the interception. But he had a feeling what had happened.

“I had a couple linemen on me – I was fighting for my dear life at that point,” he said with a laugh. “I knew it was a screen. I had guys on me. I’m fighting. All of a sudden, I see people jumping up and down. I see DeMarcus running. It was great.”

-- Carlos Mendez

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