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September 05, 2013

Jason Garrett said Dez Bryant, hailed as an MVP candidate, has come a long way

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett had little say about Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin predicting that Dez Bryant will win the NFL MVP award this year.

His wants Bryant focusing on making plays and getting better.

But Garrett doesn't deny that the maturing Bryant has come a long way in terms of production and perception from even a year ago at this time.

"Well, he’s certainly developed a lot, there’s no question about that," Garrett said. "You’ve heard me say this before, a lot of it with young players is about them maturing as people. Dez has certainly done that. I think it reflects in how he goes about his job every day. He’s always been passionate, always loved football. I think he’s understanding how to work and improve each and every day, and it shows up in the game. He’s a game from minute one that everybody loves to be around. He’s got a great passion for life, for people, for the game. It’s hard not to love this guy, and we all do. We love his passion and his work ethic and his commitment for our team."

Garrett is not worried about Bryant being able to handle the hype as he said the approach should be the same as when he was getting criticized for every thing he did in the past. Ignore the noise. Do your best and don't worry about the rest.

 "I think the advice would be the same advice you would give him when people are being critical of him: Just to focus on being the best you can be each day," Garrett said. "A lot of people in this world are going to say things about you, positively and negatively, and what you have to do is wake up each morning and try to be your best. That’s an emphasis we make with everybody on our football team. We try to live that as coaches, we try to live that as an organization. Take advantage of this great opportunity that we all have. Dez will get that advice from me and from others."

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