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September 17, 2013

Jerry Jones cites guard Brian Waters as a reason the run game will improve

Jerry Jones isn't worried about the running game yet. He believes it will improve for a number of reasons, including the insertion of Brian Waters into the starting lineup.

Waters, who signed with the Cowboys on Sept. 3 after sitting out last season, played 18 offensive snaps Sunday.

"I think it will be," Jones said of the running game on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM. "We thought Waters played good for the numbers of snaps he came in there. So Waters will be in there. That’ll improve us just as far as if you want to look at personnel."

The Cowboys vowed to run it more and run it better this season after having the fewest rushing yards in team history for a 16-game season a year ago. They had 87 yards on 23 carries against the Giants in the season opener and ran for 37 yards on 16 carries against the Chiefs.

Five times in the past 12 games the Cowboys have rushed for fewer than 50 yards. They have not had a 100-yard rusher since Murray rushed for 131 in the 2012 season opener against the Giants.

But Jones insists the Cowboys will run it more and run it better.

"We are implementing more tight ends in our offense," Jones said. "That ought to give us better blocking than we’ve had in the past. [James] Hanna played an outstanding game. He’s going to be more of a factor for us. When I look at everything, I see improvement in the future in our running game."

-- Charean Williams



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These clowns (coaching staff and the genius GM/owner) had all off-season to figure out a way to improve the running game, but failed to do it. Now, we are supposed to believe that a guy who hasnt played football for over a year is going to be the answer?? Is Jerry serious? I mean, he is a brilliant businessman, I get that. But from a football standpoint [and from a common sense standpoint]Jerry Jones is clueless. He really is. Jerry- if you;re reading this...go be an owner. The Mara family....use those people as the model for success. You don;t hear 2 words all season from anyone named Mara. Jerry...be like them!

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